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Noval Smith is a highly experienced musician and piano tutor.

As with so many top singers and musicians within the industry, Noval comes from a background of writing, playing and producing music within the church community. He now offers his expertise in teaching piano to individuals within the Midlands area.

Noval provides one to one tuition to individuals who prefer to learn to play piano by ear rather than reading music. This means that there is no daunting sheet music.

His method of teaching piano ensures that anyone, whether young or old, can learn to play their favourite songs and pieces in a short space of time, without having to learn music theory.


"I want to say thank you, I am proof it works!! Looking forward to learning more songs with you." - Martin Harris (Birmingham UK)

"I really like this method of teaching. The principles weren't difficult to grasp and came across very clear." - Cynthia (UK)

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Noval has provided piano lessons for beginners ranging from 4 years old to 77 years old - proving that anyone can play!

He also teaches and coaches musicians that play professionally in the music industry.

His teaching style is friendly and accessible but most of all fun!

Using a specifically designed numerical system which is simple to learn, Noval is able to teach anyone to play chords and melodies within 8-10 weeks.

Noval offers piano lessons within the home and is also available for group tuition.

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