Absolutely Nothing!

A lot of people avoid learning the piano, because they automatically compare it to something difficult, like climbing Mount Everest. The truth is that the piano is designed to give provide a complex musical sound, but in the easiest possible way.

The youngest person I have taught successfully was 4 years old.

  • Piano Tuition Courses - 1 hour (8 or 10 weeks)

    To be able to reach a good level of skill, a course of piano lessons for beginners (which spans 8-10 weeks) is recommended. During this time Noval will explain how to use the numbering system so that you are able to play a range of music either using chords or melodies. You can also pick songs or tunes which you would like to learn to play.

    Noval can either teach on your own piano (if available), or on one of two keyboards which he bring with him to your home. He can also show you how to add drums and accompaniments to music while learning to play on the keyboard.

    Below is an overview of the 10 week course to show what you will achieve over the period.

    • Week One: Be able to play a song with basic chords.
    • Week Four: Have the ability to play a variety of songs without the use of scary sheet music!
    • Week Eight: Be able to play songs of your choice unassisted.
    • Week Ten: Be able to play and create a large range of songs with a good understanding of chord patterns and scales.

  • Ongoing Piano Tuition - 1 hour

    Once you have the basics and can play piano by ear using the numerical system, it is possible to move towards more complicated musical pieces and skills. I can continue to teach you new skills and music on an hourly basis ongoing.

The numerical system has worked for people whether they have used a piano, or never touched one before, whether they're right-handed or left-handed, whether they can sing or not, it really doesn't matter!