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I like this method of teaching; it’s not the conventional way so it’s easier to catch onto. It’s also very good for learning to play by ear.

Daniel - Birmingham, UK

Hi Noval just had a chance to sit with your DVD. Good job. I can’t get my Daughter away from it at the moment. well done!!!!!

Glen - UK

I’ve been playing for years professionally, and I can’t believe how much you are helping me to improve my musical ability.

Nicolas - UK

I’ve never seen this method of teaching before! I’ve used other methods of teaching and it doesn’t compare to this. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! You can catch on very quickly the way this is taught.

Royston - Birmingham, UK

Very straight forward to use. This DVD has helped me to have a more structured way of learning songs, with instant results. Now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop.

Peter - Birmingham, UK

Noval, I have found your DVD so easy to follow and as a worship leader I know it will help me greatly. Can’t wait for part II!

Patrick - Birmingham, UK

I want to say thank you, I am proof it works!! Looking forward to learning more songs with you.

Martin Harris - Birmingham, UK

I really like this method of teaching. The principles weren’t difficult to grasp and came across very clear.

Cynthia - Birmingham, UK

You demonstrate a high level of understanding, coupled with a functional teaching style. Keep up the good work.

David - Birmingham, UK

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